Saturday, October 30, 2010

This blessed my heart! Had to share...

Old Fashioned Donuts

Here is an antique recipe for old fashioned donuts from a Woman’s World magazine of the early 1900s. These are made completely from scratch, as almost everything was back then.

4 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 cup shortening
1 cup granulated sugar
4 and 1/2 cups flour, sifted before measuring
1 teaspoon vanilla or lemon extract
3 eggs1 cup milk1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon nutmeg

Cooking oil or other frying medium
Cream shortening and sugar. Beat eggs until light lemon color and add.
Sift together flour, baking powder, salt and nutmeg. Add a little flour, then a little milk to the egg mixture until all are used.
Last of all, mix in the flavoring extract. The dough should be as soft as can be handled.
Roll out, cut in strips, then slit each strip part way and twist. Cut and twist all before beginning to fry. Have the temperature to fry golden brown a bit of bread in one minute.
Drop in donuts, turn as soon as brown. When brown on both sides, take from fat on fork and drop into a kettle of boiling water for a quick instant. Then roll in powdered sugar. Donuts prepared in this way are light and digestible. Recipe makes 5 dozen. YUMMO!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Birth Story Part 2

Colin had suggested we take the laptop to the hopital with us. My husband who has never been on facebook once in his life was updating my status & reading posts & comments from others to us. They set me up & decided not to give me cervadil because I was already dialated, so they set us up & told us to relax. Colin ran back home to get my meds I had forgot & brought back a chocolate frosty for me! We had a great night reminicing & anticipating what tomorrow would hold. When we got to the hospital all the nurses we knew were so excited to chat with us & visit us! I was glad to see some familiar faces. One I had known but not too well was in my room for awhile; we had a great talk; she got me registered. I start having some pain; I mean seriously back pain. I'm dying. A while goes by & another nurse comes in & looks at the monitor & says she needs to get me started with an iv & admit me. They kept losing her heartbeat. They said it was decending & give me oxygen. After 3 attempts to get an iv in we're good & they have her on the monitor again. I was having a hard time getting comfortable. We try to get some sleep. I'm in so much pain. They bring me a heating pack & show Colin how to help the pain in my back. He lays hands on me every so often to pray. The contractions are there but not unbearable. The next morning they start me on pitocin & I grit through contractions for 6 hours. They up it slowly 3 times. They really weren't bad, it was the back pain that was the killer. After a couple of hours they take me off & give me oxygen bc baby girl's heartrate is dropping again. They said she wasn't tolerating it & we would take a break for an hour. I don't know what to think or expect. An hour later they start back up & a 1/2 hour later we're off again. I am checked & only 3 cm. She isn't even in the birth canal. She is being held back by the cord around her neck. My dr decides to do a section. We're terrified but know He is in control. Colin lays hands on me & in the midst of my silent streaming tears he offers up our pleas for His Hand upon our daughter & I & we wait. We read Facebook & feel the prayers & love being poured out for us. They come, take me & Colin waits outside the door. I am wheeled into the OR & my eyes are most likely bulging out of my sockets. I'm trying to stay calm. Breathe. Everyone is attending to me by their own job. They are gentle & kind & don't touch me without explaining what is going on & what they are doing. My dr smiles & gives me a thumbs up. The anesthesiologist curls me in a ball & sticks me in the back 3 times. A student nurse named Eve holds my hands the entire time & speaks softly. I am rolled over quickly & the rest is a bit of a blur. The spinal has numbed my neck down & I know I'm breathing but I can't feel it. I am nauseous & out of it. Suddenly a cry pierces the hum of the room breaking through the quiet calmness & steady cadence of the team working on me. Helena comes out screaming & doesn't stop. She leaves me breathless (even though I was already struggling!) I cry out & she is next to my face & I am crying & saying how beautiful she is! Colin follows her & gets to cut the cord & she gets checked out. She is perfect. The whole 6 hours I was laboring the cord was around her neck & with every contraction it was choking her & she could not breathe. God protected her & saved her. Our precious miracle!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birth Story part 1

What a journey it has been! Our beautiful miracle Helena is here! What a gorgeous angel she is indeed! Dark almond shape eyes & full pouty lips. Sweet cheeks & a darling little nose. She completes our family in every way & we are so happy to be the 5 of us! Life is amazing & moves so fast, a timeless journey of memories & love. God has blessed us so & we are loving our babies & each other so much; our hearts are full of joy!Everyone was so sure I would go early with this pregnancy; I had been having braxton hicks since about 6 months. This is my 3rd. I was a good size & it seemed so was she. Being a high risk pregnancy I was monitored closely & had appointments every 2 weeks, blood work every 2 weeks. God kept me so healthy & against any and all odds my baby too. Every day I clung to His promises & He sustained the pregnancy. The kids were involved as soon as I had my first U/S & heard the heartbeat & saw her beginning to form. We prayed as a family every single day for us, the kids, esp Mia never forgot to pray for Mommy & the baby. We had fun talking about her & imagining what God was giving us. When we found out what we were having we were so excited; I was wrong as usual & Colin was right as usual! My mom was there with us & of course the kids. It was awesome to call her by name, shop for her, pray specifically for her. My belly grew & grew! I was proud of it & loved my pregnancy clothes. It was an uncomfortable pregnancy but not complicated. It was hard being pregnant with 2 other young ones but we kept busy & I did the best I could to spend time with them & make every day fun & still care for baby & I. Colin of course continued to take over more household stuff than usual & took over with the kids right away. I loved feeling her move; she moved more than my others & I loved knowing she was close to my heart & growing strong. The kids & I went everywhere & did everything together; it wasn't going to exclusively just be me with 2 kids anymore. We went out to dinner a few times as just the 4 of us & did some special stuff as a family. I had a few ultrasounds & even had my mom & dad both come with us & the kids once. The pregnancy went by pretty quickly until I started having contractions around 8 months. I had to go to the hospital in my 8th month bc of cramping & pressure & I was dehydrated. My hospital bag was packed & waiting at 7 months because I'm always ahead of the game. We got the kids backpacks & stuffed them with treats & such for when they came to visit me at the hospital once she was here. The contractions intensified around 9 months & every day was a waiting game. She is a stubborn girl though & loved being in my belly; she sure was cozy in there! Since 8 1/2 months I was going weekly & I was not dialating, though I was cramping & not sleeping. By 39 weeks only 1cm! I was getting discouraged & I had been exhausted & ready for awhile. Colin gets laid off from his job for a few months & I must admit I'm grateful to have him around & glad he will be here when we bring home a new baby. We go to my 40 week apt & I'm only 2cm. I voice concerns about her fluid levels & size. I go back in that afternoon; my mom takes the kids & we go in for an U/S. We are in there for over an hour & she gets a score of 4 out of 8 & it is predicted she is almost 10 pounds! Whoa! I really had not wanted to be induced but this lil lady was not budging! He told us to head over to the hospital that night. My parents took the kids & in a whirlwind, we packed up the car, left the van & all the kid's stuff with my mom & dad & kissed our babies goodbye telling them to pray & we would see them tomorrow with their baby sister!
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