Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thrifty Ideas That Make A Differance

See that frame? Got it for $2.97 from $14.99 bc there's a crack in the glass in one of the picture protectors...also I got that awesome plum container for $2 at an estate sale place
This is an idea of what I may do in my kitchen over our table, this is the wall you face when you walk in, I need to paint the B

My new red door!

click on picture to read saying I wrote


Chalkboard paper

New vase, new flowers

After, with flowers from Amanda and Jared!

Vase before

Here are a few projects we have done and I never got around to Blogging about. My husband used 1/2 his giftcard at Home depot to buy me paint to repaint the front door. Mia and I picked out the same color and had some help from my friend Brittany too. We all went for the same color!!! It's called cherry cobbler I believe I lost the sample, it was taped on my door then I may have thrown it away after my husband painted it. He did two coats but he is thinking about doing one more to make it look more rich and even since there is still paint left. When we are sure we're done, I have some pretty pieces of new scrap paper to fill those holes up. I also am considering a simple black stencil on the door. We'll see. I also got the idea to make over a glass vase by adding some twine to it and jazzing up the look of it, from http://thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com/. She's amazing and I have gotten many ideas from her and put my own spin on it. My husband and the kids got me a $50 Joann's giftcard for Mom's Day and they made me a couple projects at the craft store too for me to keep. So I used some of that to get some silk flowers for my "new" vase, they were all 1/2 off! Armed with coupons and ad in hand, Mia and I went shopping for 2 hours and looked at everything! We had so much fun. Then we went back a second time, with Eli in tow and he was not impressed with craft items. Must be a guy thing. Anyway, these are my deals, because you all know how thrilled I get to buy stuff on clearance and sale. I got a huge black frame and mat that was $35 for $7.95, I got chalk board papers for my cupboard so I didn't have to paint it, for $6, from $10 (used coupon), 2 springs of berries, and 4 flowers all half off, 2 craft paints on sale for $1, a big cardboard "b" for our last name I will paint and decorate for $4, a wall saying that rubs on the wall for $4.97 from $24.99, and I still have a balance. Talk about making it stretch! When I put the saying on the wall I'll show ya, another project for my husband whenever we actually have time to get into it. So here's a couple pics for now!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Love Cards!

This is an easy, quick and super cheap idea to get those cards you love from the ones you love out of that drawer and displayed for you to enjoy. My husband always gets the most amazing cards and searches all over for unique ones and always writes something so beautiful it makes my heart melt. These on the line are some from him. They are above my dresser on my side of the bed. The others are from him and my kids stuck in an old sign about family. I love the way it looks and I love to look at them and they are all dated too by the way! I used pretty clear blue tacks to hold the line up and twine and mini clothespins from Walmart. You can make one anywhere for art projects, cards or pictures in any room!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh My!!!!!

I am so beyond excited! In my last post, I wrote about Robin Jones Gunn, my favorite author. She sends out a newsletter every month called Robin's Nest, you can sign up for it at robinjonesgunn.com. She posted about a contest she was having to give away 15 copies of her newest book from the Sisterchicks series; Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes. The rules were to post a blog promoting her book on your online site or blog and send her the link. I posted the blog here and on Facebook. She sent me an email yesterday already and told me I was one of the 15 chosen! She is going to mail me her book and AUTOGRAPH it. Are you kidding? Yeah, I screamed. Jumped around. Screamed. I'm shocked and thrilled to say the very least! Whohooooo!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Robin Jones Gunn

WELL THOSE WHO KNOW ME WELL KNOW I READ A BOOK A DAY AND AM CONSTANLY THIRSTY FOR MORE! I LOVE ALL CHRISTIAN FICTION AND NON FICTION BUT MY FAVORITE, AGAIN, NO SECRET, IS ROBIN. I HAVE BEEN READING HER SINCE I WAS 12 AND WILL ONE DAY OWN ALL HER BOOKS! SHE IS BY FAR THE BEST AT DESCRIPTIVE WRITING, TAKING THE READER THROUGH A TRANSFORMATION, BONDING WITH CHARACTERS AND PULLING YOU INTO THEIR LIVES BY HER WORDS SO BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN. SO I AM VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THE RELEASE OF HER NEWEST BOOK, FROM THE SISTERCHICKS SERIES, Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes! "Summer and Noelle, two pen pals since 4th grade, meet for the first time in the land of tulips and windmills. An abnormal mammogram sends Summer on a quest to fulfill her lifelong wish before she begins the same struggle her mother fought against breast cancer. The story of these two Sisterchicks is brimming with hope and cheer and will bring encouragement for any woman who has faced a fearful future."

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ten Reasons...

I just got this in an email newsletter from The Old Schoolhouse magazine and I thought I'd share with my fellow homeschooling sisters!! Read until the end for a brief message from me...

1)God called us to homeschool our children, and He'll provide the strength we need.
2)The curriculum in public schools is not from a Christian worldview.
3)I don't want my children exposed to sin, bullying, popularity contests, and other fun "socialization" on a daily basis.
4)Homeschooling lets my children be who they are and grow strong in their beliefs before entering the hostile environment of "the world."
5)Homeschooling allows my children to learn their difficult subjects in an environment free from ridicule.
6)Homeschooling allows my children to wiggle, take a break, or change subjects whenever they need to restore their focus.
7)Homeschooling saves me time and money, not having to participate in all the public school fund-raisers and activities.
8)Homeschooling builds family unity, family culture, and family memories.
9)Public school children keep telling my kids that they wish they were homeschooled ... so why would we send ours to public school?
10)Homeschooling teaches my children to love and serve others as they work together each day and learn to get along with each other

These are someone else reasons, but I thought they were pretty good. I can agree and add my own also. Like with anything, there are pros and cons to both schooling and homeschooling. It's a family decision and God may ask you to send your little lights to school. Everything is part of His plan. My nieces are not homeschooled and they are kind to their friends and good examples and good students. They love school and sharing God's love when appropriate. You never know who God can and will use. Be open to anything and pray pray pray. I believe every decision should only advance into action after prayer. He will light the way and guide your heart.
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