Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good Changes!

Where have I been? (sighing) I know, I know! Would it be too obvious if I say life happens? Summer has flown by in a flurry of swim lessons, playdates, teaching the litle ones at church sunday mornings & wednesday nghts, catching up with family, going out for ice cream, taking picnics...It's been a lot of fun to be with the 3 of them, & we've really enjoyed Helena's first year so far!
We left our home church to follow a church plant, believing this was where God was leading our family. It's been a cool experience. We show up early, the kids help set up, play on the playground, & are a big part of what goes on there. They see how important it is to give your time & how blessed we have been being part of a small community there with friends. Our time to teach a class is over & a new teacher, a new semester of curriculum & a new schedule begins now.
Our family has made a big decision in the past couple of months. May I say on our closed Facebook prayer group I asked for prayer; this was the request I typed back in June; Needing prayer for a difficult situation that affects everyone & may force us to make a decision we never thought we'd have to consider & we're heartbroken & discouraged & just want His guidence in this important decision for our child, thank you. Well we had a lot of sisters praying & we were praying together as a couple. This was a decision we would not make without seeking His guidence. It was about homeschooling Mia this year. For many reasons I will not list all of, we were praying about a Christian school close to us, or homeschooling with a woman from our church that has already been a grandmother to Mia for years. Sheri & Steve, our best friend's mom/mother in law. She has been teaching in her home for many years & feels it is her ministry. Her children are all kids we know from church, including our family friends, Sheri& Steve's daughters, who are like cousins to my kids. When I asked evasively about her taking on more she remarked that she was full & had a list of people~she couldn't take everyone! So I said nothing. We kept praying & waiting & the school was going to be way out of our price range by far, so that door closed as well. I prepared to teach again & prayed for wisdom & patience, for Mia to be receptive & productive. Well I was mentioning some homeschool struggles to Charlotte one afternoon & she listened & went home & prayed. Then she asked me weeks later if she may have Mia attend her school & really pressed saying she was genuine & sincere & would love to have her! Mia did testing there with Grammy Charlotte & loved being at her house & learning with her,& did an awesome job! There was our answer! She already knew & loved the teacher & students! She would be in a loving, nurturing Christian enviroment! We chose to send her 3 days a week; I will work with her additionally at home. I will start preK with Eli & have Helena & Carly as well! I have lots of friends who chose to send their oldest, at least, for a year or so before then homeschooled again when they felt ready. Most people have the option to homeschool, public school or private/christian school. I'm so blessed to have this unique opportunity to send her here where we all feel so good about her being. You know what? It's a good thing, or should I say, the way everything worked out in His timimg, a God thing!!! We are praying about the cost of sending her + the cost of gas ( it's a half hour away, twice daily 3 days a week) & also about the transition ( we leave early to get her there, no matter the season, I will also have 4 to load up soon!). We are at peace with this & are feeling thankful! We got her her lunchbag & backpack & such & have been positive about this; she is excited too! Mia had a half day today to get aquainted, learn the rules, see her own place, look over her work...She was so thrilled! I let her pick a special place yesterday; she chose Pinkberry & I took her to get whatever she wanted. I had a homemade chocolate pop waiting at home for her today when we got home! We pray over her the night before & that morning, & she's good to go! I have a couple of friends who work there too & my friend Carla said today she fit right in & did so well! She was finishing her lunch, she cleaned her spot, got her stuff, came & hugged me & said "Hi Mommy! I love you!" with a huge smile!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a blessing! I'm happy we made this decision & it's ging to be a sacrifice but well worth it! Prayers appreciated for her & I too!!!
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