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Warning!!!! Thought Provoking!

"We brought nothing with us when we came into the world, and we can't take anything with us when we leave it. So if we have enough food and clothing, LET US BE CONTENT" 1 Timothy 6:6

I Have been waiting to write this post because I am trying to fit the whole of it into a couple paragraphs....and not a whole sermon complete with Bible verses and thumpin like a southern baptist! I know many verses that go with the theme I have picked for this one, but I am going to try to just explain the best I can. I am a trifle old school and a bit old fashioned and those of you who know my family know we are simple and plain and livin and lovin Jesus, family and life. I have had these Bible verses ( I had to slip a couple in!) on my mind and keep feeling the need to talk on this subject for some reason, (perhaps someone needs to hear it) so I am going to try and do it kindly and without too many words, lol. My post is about contentment or lack thereof. This is so tough in today's world and the failing economy. To be honest I could have written so much more on this subject, but you will get the message!

"But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust does corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal, Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be."

I would recommend reading Matthew 6:19-34. It is about Money and Possessions. It's a good reference to keep your life in perspective and prioritize. What fills your heart? Are you truly peaceful and content no matter what the circumstance? You cannot put up a sign in your house that says "simplify" if you change your home's decor once a month! You are sending a mixed signal! Are you more thrilled by shopping by the cartful at your favorite store or are you "storing up treasure" and working for Him with your precious time here on earth? (Before you get all crazy, you know exactly what I am talking about here! Trust me I have an obsession with Target!) If I was tramping thru the woods in the winter and saw some trees ahead, I really couldn't tell you what kind they were. But if I was walking thru in the spring and summer, and saw the bark and the blossoms and fruit I could tell you because you can tell a tree by it's characteristics. By the fruit it produces. It's the same way with Christians. Can people really tell you are a Christian? Are you producing? Or are you existing comfortably? It's hard to write this because I want just like everyone else, but letting those desires turn into lust and discontentment, like nothing will ever be enough is dangerous. It's also not teaching our children about the value of working hard and appreciating everything, every gift is from Him and we are to "give thanks with a grateful heart". De clutter your life today and you will feel chains break away!
Real quickly I may add that we have struggled in a 6 year trial, it's called a financial strain and it's difficult to live thru and keep praising God for what He's about to do in your life when you can't ever seem to catch a break! We have debt since Colin was out of work for a few months over a year ago and have been paying all our bills and 3 credit card payments a month and not struggling to get ahead, struggling to stay a float in His sea of forgetfulness. We just paid off our $630 medical bill we had for my teeth, and are focusing on getting a new roof put on and other things that we need. We are taking these next months to pay down our debt, now that Colin has gotten his licence and will be finally getting the journeyman wage in May. Finally after 6 years of not food shopping some weeks and making what we have stretch and borrowing money from our already high credit cards, and having to charge all the kids clothing and such, we are seeing a light coming thru faintly, and we are feeling a bit more free. It has been a very hard road, where we are trying the very best we can and being faithful and true and trusting God while Colin works his butt off and goes to school, and sacrificing so much is beginning to come to the payoff. God honors a willing heart that humbly let's Him take control and help you and we have always gotten by and will always be provided for by Our Heavenly Provider. How sweet it is to wait upon the Lord and wait for His timing, because it's perfect! Now here and there we have tried to help others because we know what it's like and I hope we can continue to do so, because I believe we need to be lights in a selfish me me me world. If God gives us financial security we want to be able to give back to others and let God multiply it and bless it, because He has blessed us with our money. It is His, and He has helped Colin provide for his family. It's important to add a personal side to this so you will see as Christians we are not above hardships. I hope you will be encouraged to hang on and wait, even tho it is tough to say the least and it seems impossible to make it thru, trust me, we've been there and felt it! God sure has been teaching us patience! He never promised us it would be easy just worth it! If we can do it, anyone can! Take heart! Psalm 37: 4 Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. 5 Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. The best place to go when you are discouraged is on your knees or into the scripture, this is from experience. There's something to be said about lying facedown or on your knees before God. It's a constant struggle to not let our flesh tell us lies and eat away at our hearts. It's just human nature to want! Especially for women! Who doesn't love shoes, handbags, clothes and stuff for our home? True contentment is rare, and can only come from God. You have to go thru the fire and be trained by circumstance and situations, which are most likely testing which in turn someday will make you stronger. Read Philippians 4:11-13. Happiness lies in contentment.Discontentment, or worldliness, or materialism equals idolotry. Be careful you may slip or cause others to.
Do not only live and plan for today, you never know what tomorrow may bring. If you are living a certain lifestyle, you really need to be sure it is within reason, because in this economy no one is safe and the way you live may have to come to a halt and you will be in shock. God honors those who are faithful and sure in Him. If we are faithful with our hearts, our time, our service, our tithe, He will care for us, and we will be secure in Him!!! GOD IS NOT BOUND BY THE ECONOMY AND HE IS STILL IN THE MIRACLE BUSINESS! (Glen Berubie) So take heart, He notices you and your struggles. Cast all your cares on Him, and learn to truly 100% trust Him. Let Him have His way in your life and you will never regret it for a second, truly!!! I'm so glad He sustains us!
"We brought nothing with us when we came into the world, and we can't take anything with us when we leave it. So if we have enough food and clothing, LET US BE CONTENT" 1 Timothy 6:6

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunday Smarts

Just have to write about a sweet moment with Mia yesterday. We were all playing Barbies and I put on my Easter cd in the backround and got my Barbie out and said I have to go to choir practice now, she got her Barbie, stood it next to mine and said "okay, let's pray before choir practice. Dear God, thank you for this choir, help us to sing good, Amen". I asked her if she was an alto or soprano and explaigned the differance, she said "I know Mommy, I'm a soprano like you". So we she set all the Barbies and Kens up in rows for the choir and we each held one and she sang through 8 songs with me, how amazing is that?
More sweet memories with Mia; we kept her with us for church service sunday night. She has sat through the service before, we started this when she was 3 and were amazed she could not only handle it, but do exceptionally well for her age. We should have started sooner! I love the children's programs at our church, she loves Sunday mornings, and Pioneer clubs on wednesday nights, but we decided to keep her with us this past sunday night. We were taking the Lord's supper and we thought it would be a great opportunity to explaign the act and what it symbolizes. She was so cute! She sat so well and sang her heart out at the praise and worship music, everyone was commenting on her! We talked about the Last Supper and the Lord's supper we have in church and she asked questions and really seemed to get it. I love that she can see all differant aspects and views of the church, instead of always being just downstairs. She gets to watch me practice our choir song on sunday mornings early, her, Colin and Eli sit in the pew and watch and she sings along with me and everyone walks over to say hello to them, because she sings so sweet with her Mommy. She's growing so fast and is full of questions and is inquisitive and serious about everything!
In a couple weeks we are launching our first fellowship after church, where everyone brings a dish and we all eat together after church sunday night. I love that idea, we are very family orientated at our church and the kids can run and play and the adults can chat and enjoy the company of our church family. I'm looking forward to it. We love our church and we want our children to love growing up so involved and connected with lifelong bonds there. Truly there are no greater gifts than friendship love and happy memories!
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