Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Artsy fun!

Yesterday we went out for the day with my mom. We went shopping for Tiffany and Ashley's birthday presents...we got them lots of art stuff! I took mom to this awesome Christian coffeehouse and we had delicious coffee drinks. Mia painted her nails by herself for the first time, and did so well! She even did mine! lol! She was very proud! :) Later that night we had fun creating some fall pictures. We played outside in the rain and enjoyed warm cocoa while we talked about fall. Here's some of their work....

Last Day of Sept

Today was fun! The kids were doing autumn art projects and I decided we should go collect leaves instead of just cutting some out in construction paper. They were having a blast as it was ( they wanted to make hundreds of leaves!) but I got the idea in my head and knew they would love it! There's a place I like to take them to watch the horses outside and they come right up to the fence and stare at you curiously, sometimes neigh, and sometimes you can touch their soft coats and they blow warm breath into your hands. Since there's lots of trees there, I knew there would be a beautiful autumn carpet of multicolored leaves to collect. They decorated brown bags and brought them along. Of course I brought my camera along too :) Tonight when Mia was praying before bed, she thanked God it was fall and that we got to go visit the horses and itemized everything that made her day special :) I love to hear her talking to our Heavenly Father...it's amazing and precious!

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Bountiful Harvest of Apples!

Today was quite productive! I took the morning to do some baking and use up our apples we got last weekend. It was a dreary rainy wet day outside, but inside, it was warm and we wore our pajammas all day and laughed and danced and worked together while the steady sound of rain kept up a steady cadence on our windows, and inside the aroma of warm apples and spices waifed through the air. We put some classical music on, rolled our sleeves up, and started to bake! Mia helped me with the first pie, and after that, she helped me by being a big girl, and kind big sister and colored with Eli, and read to him. They played in his room, they played in her room, they ate snack together at the kitchen table and chatted with me awhile. They didn't fight once, no one got hurt...it was...Amazing!!!! I got three pies done and an apple crisp. One is red apples, one is green apples, one is french apple, and an apple crisp. They "helped" clean up (lol) I am so proud of them, and thankful for an unexpected gift of a quiet and peaceful day!

Monday, September 22, 2008

So Today

We picked wildflowers in the fields at the orchard
Today was another wonderful day home with the children. I love to be home with them and am so content and fullfilled I have been so blessed! I woke up to a beautiful note from Hubby/Daddy for all of us to read on the kitchen table. Mia loves her new chore chart, and if I thought she loved helping me before, she loves to read off her list ( feed Paisley, feed Lola, put silverware away from dishwasher, make bed...etc). She loves to check off that box and help me with everything. She did so well with her workbooks today, she said grace this morning at breakfast and thanked God for the wonderful day and her family and school work! Too smart she is! We baked a peach and blueberry pie this afternoon. We went saturday afternooon to the orchard to pick peaches, plums and apples. I am excited to do more baking and put it in the freezer, we bake alot for the holidays, but we do give alot away. I love the weekends, they are always filled with precious memories of priceless family time and there's no where else we'd rather be! Of course, we took lots of pictures to capture the moments! :) Colin did Mia's books with her sunday afternoon, and was amazed! Today she said B-O-O-K, book! I said wow! :) We had a lovely visit with friends of ours saturday night who are quickly becoming like family! Sunday is church day and we love it! So begins another week, but instead of dreading and hating those mondays, or any other day, I thank God every day; for another day in paradise!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Day in The Life....

Hey and howdy! Wow! I'm doing good this week with bloggin' huh? Well, Mia has been doing workbooks on and off for about a year, and beofre that, she knew all her flashcards before she was 2. Basicly we have been reviewing and playing school. She really has been growing so much and asking more and more how to read and write and can she do more schoolwork? Last week I started doing workbooks for an hour, then a project, then book reading, then coloring. She really loves it and is doing well so far. I like that we can be flexible and skip a day, or only do stickers and painting another day, and do 3 workbooks or just practice writing her name, or sight cards. She's only 3 1/2 so we will go slow with it, but I will at least be doing something with her for about 90-120 min 2 or 3 times a week, more if she is wanting to. My mom and I just shopped for some prescool and kindergarten very basic books and workbooks on CBD. Great site, and they can send you a catalog of just homeschool products. My mom and dad are giving her those for Christmas, she will be so excited! Thanks for the help, we sure do appreciate it! She does her work at the table, and has a little nook with some of her things upstairs ( beacuse of space, I have storage bins downstairs with the rest of her art and supplies). I can also look thru my old workbooks for ideas since my mom saved my schoolwork and such from when I was homeschooled. Have I thanked you today for that yet mom? SOoooo glad I was home taught! My mom is an amazing inspiration! Today we made smoothies and homemade waffles, some regular, some blueberry. My mom let me use her iron for a couple of days. My plan is to make a lot to freeze for us and maybe anyone else who would like to have some to stock up on. Shelly, I would make you guys some, but for the allergies...Sheri, if you'd like a bag, just let me know what kind. Ness, Riley would loove these...Jewel, I could bring some over soon, Ali doesn't have a computer, so maybe I'll surprise her! Everyone else lives in another state! Liz, Colin can bring some in work and give them to Tom...Anyone else I forgot, I can take special orders! Then we had outdoor time and got to watch men work outside on the road, they were fascinated by the big machines! The man even waved at them! (They were thrilled!). We did chalk and bubbles, and had snack time, while she fed Eli, I gave him a quick haircut. After that it was bathtime and they are napping...ahhh the sound of silence! So here's a couple of random shots from this morning I didn't take any outside, just a few of what we made and a lot of bathtime! There ae also a couple shots of the school cart in our kitchen. We got the map in a states puzzle we bought them. The cool chart is from mom! Also I am showing Mia's project she did yesterday because it's so cute! We did her handprints and she told me all the things she uses her hands for and I wrote them down for her!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Fun Baking Project

My daughter and I made these cookies the other day for my grandma, her great grandma for her birthday. They are so simple. Just use sugar or butter cookies and add a small bit of frosting, any color, and gum drops, any color, to create your own cookie blossoms!

Just Some Recent Scrap and Card Making

I tried twice to download this pic but it keeps going sideways! I used a Stampin Up! set my friend Abbey in Tenn sent me...Thanks Abs! The first layout is for my daughter and was so much fun to make! Now I just need to decide what picture to put in the middle, they are all beautiful! By the way, it can be read either way; Blossoming Beauty or Beauty Blossoming.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Homeschooling A Whole Way of Life by Michael Pearl

The number of homeschoolers is rapidly increasing. Home-schooling is not just an alternative educational procedure; it is one of many expressions of a whole way of life.
It is the result of loving parents putting on the brakes and saying, “No” to this stampeding system of child-trampling New Agers. Our families will not be devoured and digested, becoming part of the feces of this carnivorous monster called public education, generated by the twisted minds of the morally ill.
As homeschooling parents, you have taken charge of your life to give God his rightful place in training your children. To teach biology in an environment that denies the Author of life is like eating an egg and denying the chicken. Such a process is stupefying—degrading to the intellect. To teach history apart from God is to praise the sculpture and deny the sculptor. To learn science and mathematics apart from the omnipotent God is to throw out the computer and do your computations with a roulette wheel. To teach children to read and then outlaw the reading of the only book written by the God called the Word is like giving a blind man sight and then outlawing seeing.
The public school expelled God from the class room, but when the immorality became a threat to personal satisfaction, as well as personal safety, they started talking about values. They will not get their values back any more than a man will get peaches from a tree he cut up for firewood.
We are not rebels; quite the opposite; we are just the minority who refuse to join a rebellion against God and the truth. We are taking our children to the tree of life growing beside the fountain of knowledge to be refreshed by the Author of life. We will not stoop for anything less. We will not compromise. We will not allow state testing to dictate our curriculum. They have made their position on God and morality clear. We are making our position clear. We will not attend their party, dance to their tune, or employ their fiddler.
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