Friday, June 26, 2009


You will not believe this! Click on this link and put in your order for any color paint that tickles your fancy and they will send you a free quart! Oh my oh my! I'm so excited! I ordered a beautiful yellow. I'm going to paint some furniture I have with it, not sure what else. Oh my! Yay! All those colors gets overwhelming, so take your time, but not too long! This offer is until supplies last....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Such An Unexpected Find! (and it was freeeee)!!!

Look at this beautiful, solid, in perfect condition pair of highback chairs....they were in the TRASH!!!! Appauling! My husband jumped out and grabbed them for me :) They are so nice and did I mention they were free? Waiting for me? :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Latest Projects........Picture Loaded!



The other keys look great on the lamp in my room

The color of the taffeta ribbon match my room well

Love these vases, and such a sweet steal at $0.88 each!

B is for our last name!

Okay, I have been busy lately with some redoing of old things and giving some new found treasures a new look. Here's that "B" I got for our last name. The kids did a painting project while I did my painting project,; the B took forever because I had to use Mia's tiny paintbrush, and I did a few coats. All in all, it cost about $6, and took an hour or so. I did a pumpkin on the front, and a plum inside and around the edges. I like the colors together because it's not a combo I would usually have done, but I was going for something new and differant. You like? Itook everything down off my walls in most of my house and I'm starting over. The "B" is currently in the living room next to my big black screen with family pictures. These nautical shells are what the kids painted; they were left over from my dinner I made. They loved it, it was inexpensive and they're adorable!

I had my eye on those lil black vases for a few weeks, they were only $2.50 each, but being thrifty, I waited and watched and they went on clearance and I got them for $0.88 each!!!! The keys I had my eye on for awhile at Joann's. They were originally $19.99, but were 1/2 off, and I had $5 cash stashed in my wallet so I used that towards it. I bought some plate hangers for the kitchen, I'll show you that when I figure out what the heck I'm doing. I can't wait for my Party I am having in July; . They have amazing things for any taste or style. I already know what I want, yipeee! Anyway, I just flew so far off subject here. The keys were on a big fat ring my husband cut and took off for me. I took a beautiful old frame, took the glass out, added a scrap paper page, and hot glued those beauties on! I used the remaining 2 keys and tied taffeta around them and put them on a lamp in my bedroom. So pretty! I got both key ideas from She is so awesome! I love to get inspiration from her and personalize it to my style. I love blog land and how one page links to the next, there are so many crafty craetive chicks out there! Here's some pics of our projects! My daughter is so excited Mommy blogged her art! :)

I'm Still Here....

For those who are following my blog, then waiting for me to come back since I've been gone...I'm here! It's been a rough couple of months with my Papa being in ICU for 8 weeks, then I got poison sumac and was horribly miserable! I recovered, then the next month brought a whole new lot of problems...I got the flu which made way for strep, which I generously passed on to my whole family, since I obviously was the one taking care of them, thru all this sickness...All 4 of us are just about done with our meds and feelin great! Mia broke her leg, actually, cracked her tibia, and has been back and forth between dr's and having xrays and being casted twice so far. She didn't cry once, she sits so still and watches whatever they do with curiousity and questions. She loves having a bright pink cast and had all her friends and teachers, and of course John Delricci sign it for her at church. We go back in two weeks for new xrays and to take it off, hopefully for good. Eli had a nasty spill and we took him to the hospital, but he didn't end up needing anything, it was just another of many bumps and bruises he has had and has yet to have! Colin's temporary position is up in a week and he will be once again be on the looooonnngggg waiting list for work. God has brought us through so much, He has sustained and provided for us in good times and bad, we will trust in Him and even though the unemployment is 1/2 his paycheck, we have to let God work out the details, and just keep praying and doing the best we can to take care of our little family. We had to adjust some plans and dreams since work may not be steady again for a year; work is almost nonexistent in the Union. I was not happy and wrestled with some things between God and I, and I'm happy He won, and I am always learning, changing and growing. Like I said on my Facebook; My every day life usually includes sprinkles and sometimes unexpectedly and suddenly includes showers turning into downpours, but I have a pretty umbrella so bring on the rain! :)
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