Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crafty pizazzz

When I went to my sister's the other day, she dragged out all her craft stuff and let me use her wooden templates to make birds for spring. I made my mother's day cards and a few other cute things too. Thanks Cheryl, for sharing your idea, and all your stuff!. She also made me a bird too! That will be the first picture I post. :) When I went home I finished those and made more, and created some new tags too. I have made tags before but I either scrapped with them or gave them out. I am making some homeade cards and tags for my daughter's sunday school teachers for Mother's Day on sunday. Tags are so awesome to make because the possibilities truly are endless! You can customize them however you like for anyone! Use them to adorn another project, or give them alone, with a message on the back. Here are some pics of the products I made the other night while we were watching the Celtics game! Abbey, if you're reading this...yours should be there today or tomorrow. I sent a bunch out to friends to brighten their day and make them smile! The one with a magerita glass and green salt is for my friend Bonnie for us to go out and have a girl's night. More to come....What do you think so far? :)


Janice said...

Man Diane... you really took it and ran with it! I love them all!
I think (and hope) there's one in there for me! The tags are great ~see I just need a push to get my ideas flowing! Smarty pants :)

Julie said...

Well, I think they are all just too precious!
What a wonderful job you did! And what a sweet, generous sister you have!
Happy Mother's Day,

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