Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Catching Up

Hey Everyone! I have been busy enjoying the last of summer! Spending time with family and friends is so rewarding even if it keeps ya busy! We went camping with my parents this past weekend and we had an awesome time! The kids did so well, I am so pleased! I'm glad since we want to make this a tradition with my parents and their other grandparents want to go next spring and our friends Steve and Sheri want to go in the summers. They had a blast setting up and they even rested inside while we "set up camp". We went for a ride to get some pumpkins and Mia got to ride on a horse while Noni walked by her side! We went to a farm and got to pet a few baby animals. We took lots of beautiful pictures. They loved the campfire and making smores, and Colin made us JiffyPop! They went right in the tent and right to sleep too and slept the whole night! It was so nice to sit by the mesmerizing fire and just relax and talk and watch the moon come up. We left the next morning after a great breakfast (thanks Dad! We loved watching him cook on his campstove!) Eli followed Papa around everywhere and clung to him and Mia wanted him to play and color and wanted to help him...Papa loved being able to spend time with his grandbabies since Noni gets to see then so much; it was good he had that time too! We made some memories, took some pictures, had some laughs all in all a great experience! Mia keeps pretending she's going on a camping trip and says she wants to go back again! It was definately worth the piles of laundry and catch up on cleaning at home! Of course, not without a shower and naps all around first! :)


Janice said...

Wasn't it quite the experience!! I might just forget how cold and scared I was throughout the night enough to do this again in the spring! HA HA???

Julie said...

Oh! It sounds as though you all just had too much fun!
What blessed, wonderful memories you've given your babies...
I so hope that my husband and I can be the grandparents that you described in this post. Our children, as did I, are growing up without grandparents (our parents choices -- looooong sad story.)
How truly blessed! I'm so happy for y'all and filled with even more hope! Thank you.

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