Thursday, October 2, 2008

What a busy month sept was!

Wow! Is it October already? I can't even believe it! September was wonderful and filled with playdates with a few good friends and Mia started "schoolwork". We have been cleaning and baking a lot lately, maybe it's a fall spurt! It's coming fast and it sure is beautiful! God has indeed blessed us with such an amazing church where we are so amzed at the work He is doing in and amoung us, our cup runneth over! We have become close, like inseperable to a family we have known all along for 3 years while our daughters Tiffany and Mia were in the same classes and their second daughter Ashley is in Eli's class. Sheri and I have nursery duty together, and Steve and Colin are so much alike, it's unreal! It's great to find people who feel the same way as you do. We sit together in sunday school and service and have instantly become forever friends, more than that we are family. We are just enjoying this so much! God has answered a prayer with amazing, giving humble, loving down to earth, generous, beautiful people who are so in love with each other and God it's inspiring! We even got to have a double date all night with them without kids! :) We love their family so much! We also have been getting to know another couple who sits in front of us in SS, Shelly and Jared. They are sweet and kind and fun. Her and I have been getting the kids together and they play so well together. She has a daughter Kayla and a son Nathaniel. She is pregnant with her 3rd and is homeschooling. I know, awesome! They had us over for dinner and it was sooo delicious! Jared even made us these starbuksish drinks afterwards! mmmmm. They are such a nice family! :) Such cute kids too. I know her little baby girl, who is due soon will be a doll! Can't wait to meet her! We are keeping in touch with old friends who I am enjoying watching their kids grow, friends I knew before I was even married, when I was a teen, like Ali and Julie. They have their own families now and they are all so special to me. They are both going to homeschool their kids! I have such a great support system, we are all in this together and have basically the same ideas on morals and dicipline and having a schedule and boundries, That is so impotant and so refreshing to see people who put their all in their family and kids and are doing it according to God's plan. May he continue to bless them all! Ness and I of course are trying to stick to our weekly meeting. The kids have so much fun together. Riley is so cute and it's cool to look back and see how much she's grown, she's so smart! Ness and I always have so much fun together! We have fun with the kids, but we like our girl time too! :) Abbey and I continue our correspondence by sending packages back and forth between the states. I wish I could hug her, I love her so much! Bonnie and Mike let me have Bradly for a whole day! It was so much fun having 3! The kids loved having him and helping take care of him. I just love that little guy! I reconnected with my friend Kerry I had met when I was 16 and went away to Maine with, she was my bunkmate and we ended up clicking and she and I kept in touch for years, she lived with me a summer while her boyfriend was at bootcamp, and later when he came back and they got married, I was in her wedding. I called her the other night and we are so excited to be talking and can't wait to see each other again. Her and Nate had a baby girl, Becca, I can't wait to see her, she's adorable!

Besides spending time with friends I am trying to stay home at least once or twice a week so we can just be. I don't like to have them going nonstop, then you always feel on the go and I don't want to hurry life and miss little moments. Life is not a party that never ends and kids thrive on scedules, plus I LOVE to be home with them and we have a great routine during the days we have art, reading, playtime, outdoor time, a baking or cooking project, movie time, etc. I finished christmas shopping a few weeks ago and am thrilled it's behind me. I am a plan ahead and organized kind of girl! I have some project ideas in my head and am working on some thing around here. I am reading every book I can get my hands on about homeschooling, freeschooling or unschooling. I am fasinated by the knowledge and other people's experiences. Being home and nuturing my children and ME and my husband teaching them is our joy! So many memories we made this summer! We went to the zoo, the museum, the playground. Mia had her double eye surgery and is doing perfect! I got to see my cousin Ruth and her husband Eddie and meet their darling daughter Eva. I got to see my childhood friend Krissy and her sis Aimee! Good times. We had some birthday parties, some family parties, and a whole lot of "just the 4 of us" time. My nieces just turned 8 and it's hard for me to see that, they grew too fast and yesterday I was laying in thier cribs with them and enjoying the sweet innocence of a time gone by long ago. They are smart and beautiful, and did I say growing too fast? Speaking of growing too fast, our Elijah turned 1 this summer and we had a Celtics/Red sox party for our little man in our backyard with a barbecue. 16 days later our niece Jordan also turned 1. She's always smiling! Her sister and our other niece Cadence went to school this fall and turned 5 last month. The kids are growing and we are blessed to be watching and a part of a big happy extended family under a perfect sky painted with rainbows and clouds by our loving Heavenly Father.

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