Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday or anyday card


Card stock card with 2 patterned papers, one solid card stock circle, one jeweled flower, a Stampin Up stamp happy, and 3d adhesive to make the card "pop"! CLICK ON CARD PICTURE TO SEE BETTER. I take cash, check or I can send an invoice from Paypal. If I start selling cards and such through here, I will create another blog and you can browse and purchase from there. For now, I will incorporate it into my regular blog.


Janice said...

Diane.. your cards really are so pretty! I love the Origami projects too. They're so different.
This will keep you busy huh!
Hope enough people will be interested to buy some! I like them all myself!
Love you.... XO

Ruth LaBombard said...

Love it! Maybe you can design your own line and market them to DaySpring or something. I have such a talented cousin!! Love you!

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