Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunday Smarts

Just have to write about a sweet moment with Mia yesterday. We were all playing Barbies and I put on my Easter cd in the backround and got my Barbie out and said I have to go to choir practice now, she got her Barbie, stood it next to mine and said "okay, let's pray before choir practice. Dear God, thank you for this choir, help us to sing good, Amen". I asked her if she was an alto or soprano and explaigned the differance, she said "I know Mommy, I'm a soprano like you". So we she set all the Barbies and Kens up in rows for the choir and we each held one and she sang through 8 songs with me, how amazing is that?
More sweet memories with Mia; we kept her with us for church service sunday night. She has sat through the service before, we started this when she was 3 and were amazed she could not only handle it, but do exceptionally well for her age. We should have started sooner! I love the children's programs at our church, she loves Sunday mornings, and Pioneer clubs on wednesday nights, but we decided to keep her with us this past sunday night. We were taking the Lord's supper and we thought it would be a great opportunity to explaign the act and what it symbolizes. She was so cute! She sat so well and sang her heart out at the praise and worship music, everyone was commenting on her! We talked about the Last Supper and the Lord's supper we have in church and she asked questions and really seemed to get it. I love that she can see all differant aspects and views of the church, instead of always being just downstairs. She gets to watch me practice our choir song on sunday mornings early, her, Colin and Eli sit in the pew and watch and she sings along with me and everyone walks over to say hello to them, because she sings so sweet with her Mommy. She's growing so fast and is full of questions and is inquisitive and serious about everything!
In a couple weeks we are launching our first fellowship after church, where everyone brings a dish and we all eat together after church sunday night. I love that idea, we are very family orientated at our church and the kids can run and play and the adults can chat and enjoy the company of our church family. I'm looking forward to it. We love our church and we want our children to love growing up so involved and connected with lifelong bonds there. Truly there are no greater gifts than friendship love and happy memories!

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Julie said...

Oh! We keep our family together, on a pew, during church, too. We didn't really use our nursery or children's church (although I think they're great) because we want them to know how to behave in church (like your little ones!) We also like to be together as a family. It's such a very special time!

Congratulations on your husband's graduation. I understand your being so proud of him -- it is truly a wonderful accomplishment!

I didn't know that you had lost babies, too. We've lost 3. We rejoice, knowing that they are already with our Father and that we'll meet them one day! Our children have always known about their other brothers and sisters.

Many Blessings,

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