Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting Ready For Christmas...At Shutterfly!!!

I am getting ready to create & send out some beautiful Christmas cards! We had a photo shoot in our home last week & we had some great pics of the kids all together & of the 5 of us for the first time! So how cool is this? I'm very excited about this super deal at Shutterfly I HAD to blog & share! I love Shutterfly- their picture quality is wonderful & they prepare & ship your order fast! Plus I love the prepaid plans! There are 3 main options for Christmas cards; folded, flat stationary, & flat photo cards! There are many designs, styles & colors & they're super easy to create! I picked out 3 of my fave although seriously it was not easy to narrow it down to only 3! These are the ones that stood out to me & I am considering using! The first is this classy Retro Plaid Christmas 5x7 folded card, the second is simple; With Love Chartreuse Christmas Card, the third Faith And Family Religious 5x7 photo card. Check them out & tell me what you're favorites are! If you do....I get free, yes FREE! cards from Shutterfly! I'm lovin the sound of that! I'm going to chose a style that allows me to fill it with various photos from our family photo shoot so it includes baby photos & the kids & all of us! I love the birth announcements & everyday designs too that they offer! I love how you can upload a picture & add a border or writing! Shutterfly is such a fun & easy site to play on & work with!!! My friend Angie posted on HER blog that Shutterfly was giving bloggers 50 free Christmas cards! You can find out more and how by going to this link. Post a comment on my blog & start blogging/sharing this great deal from Shutterfly!

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Danielle said...

Cool deal. I like the first and third the best.

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