Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last Day of Sept

Today was fun! The kids were doing autumn art projects and I decided we should go collect leaves instead of just cutting some out in construction paper. They were having a blast as it was ( they wanted to make hundreds of leaves!) but I got the idea in my head and knew they would love it! There's a place I like to take them to watch the horses outside and they come right up to the fence and stare at you curiously, sometimes neigh, and sometimes you can touch their soft coats and they blow warm breath into your hands. Since there's lots of trees there, I knew there would be a beautiful autumn carpet of multicolored leaves to collect. They decorated brown bags and brought them along. Of course I brought my camera along too :) Tonight when Mia was praying before bed, she thanked God it was fall and that we got to go visit the horses and itemized everything that made her day special :) I love to hear her talking to our Heavenly Father...it's amazing and precious!

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