Friday, September 26, 2008

A Bountiful Harvest of Apples!

Today was quite productive! I took the morning to do some baking and use up our apples we got last weekend. It was a dreary rainy wet day outside, but inside, it was warm and we wore our pajammas all day and laughed and danced and worked together while the steady sound of rain kept up a steady cadence on our windows, and inside the aroma of warm apples and spices waifed through the air. We put some classical music on, rolled our sleeves up, and started to bake! Mia helped me with the first pie, and after that, she helped me by being a big girl, and kind big sister and colored with Eli, and read to him. They played in his room, they played in her room, they ate snack together at the kitchen table and chatted with me awhile. They didn't fight once, no one got was...Amazing!!!! I got three pies done and an apple crisp. One is red apples, one is green apples, one is french apple, and an apple crisp. They "helped" clean up (lol) I am so proud of them, and thankful for an unexpected gift of a quiet and peaceful day!

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