Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Paul, and his writings

I have been studying about Paul lately. Having a heart for missions, he is one of my favorite and most respected people in all the Bible. I find his journeys fascinating! I am amazed at the faith and courage it took to travel and spread the Word. I am also amazed by the fact that the Bible is so inexhaustable! Every time you read through it, you learn something new, and can truly get something more out of it and examine and rexamine the whole Bible without ever tiring on any account. That proves it is the infallable word of Christ. You can read of his journeys in Acts, but right now I am reading his greetings and letters in Galations. Paul energeticaly defended the truth of the gospel which is that we are saved by the grace of God through faith in Christ and nothing else! Any other teaching is a perversion of the truth of God. Gal 1:6-7. We are made right in the sight of God by faith 2:16 and become the people of God (real children of Abraham) in the same way-by faith. 3:7. Because we are free in Christ, we must never allow anyone to deceive us into thinking we must earn our salvation. But at the same time, we must live out the gospel. This includes submission to the Spirit of God 5:16, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. 5:14. Continue on to Ephesians where Paul writes during his imprisonment in Rome. The basic idea of Ephesians is that God is working out his eternal plan through Christ and his body, the church. Paul closes the book by describing the provision that God has made so that believers can withstand the worst of satan's attacks and be victoriuos when the battle is over. Philippians continues while Paul is imprisoned in Rome. It is a personal letter of Paul's and the rejoicing within is evident. Even as Jesus had to endure the cross, so we must be ready to follow that example of submission to God if God requires it of us. But we are citizens of heaven and should live with that thought constantly before us. Colossians continues while Paul is imprissoned. In this important letter Paul presents a carefully worked out defense of Christ's deity and glory. Paul warns believers not to be lead astray by "empty philosophies and high sounding nonsense that come from human thinking" Col 2:8. Paul's instructions for Christian living stress the power of God for people and the joy that believers can have when they make use of all the resources that are theirs in Christ. Follow these words all through to Hebrews, my Bible says the author is unclear is some have suggested Paul, Barnabas, Apolos, Pricilla, Luke and others may have written it. Either way, it's an awesome book and great read. So I'm going to dive back in while the kids are resting and get some reading done. Just thought I'd share! Blessings to you all and prayers for a healthy fulfilled beautiful Christian walk with our Saviour.

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