Saturday, December 6, 2008

December Fun Just Begun

December has been wonderful so far! The kids take turns opening their advent calendar which has pretty pictures and verses behind the doors instead of chocolate. The verses lead up in order telling the story of the angel appearing to Mary until His birth. We finally got our tree and decorated it last night. A few nights ago, we set up our outdoor stuff and last night Colin surprised the kids with a sparkling outdoor tree. They loved taking pictures with the reindeer and tree and down "candy cane lane" where our candy canes are lining our walk. They had a blast drinking cocoa and listening to Christmas music and decorating all the while memories flowed around us of Christmas' past with them, but especially Mia. We are blessed beyond measure. I need to get on the ball and start Christmas baking. Every year I do my usuals and then try some new recepies. Abbey gave me a new idea for choc cookies. The art you see we made some at my friend Alicia's house. Her husband and mine were working that night so we went over and hung out together. Mia and Trevor really loved making projects. Yesterday we made penguins and read a book that had penguins in it. Eli shreiked and pointed back and forth when he saw penguins like the one he created! We got a wonderful package in yesterday from Val in Kentucky we are able to bless each other back and forth, and she sent us a package with homeade hair bows for Mia, they are so beautiful! Abbey (from Tenn) and Val are friends I met online almost 4 years ago and we have remained close friends since and will always. I consider them to be among my most treasured friends. :)
Please pray for Mia, as she is battling something that has her quiet and feverish. I hate to see her sick, it seems she is always sick and it's frustrating. When she gets better the doctor wants to put her on a trial for allergy medication. We'll see if that helps her cough and nose that never seems fine.
Other than that we are well and enjoying the season. Thanks for reading, post a comment now and again so I know what you think or that you stopped by!

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