Thursday, December 11, 2008

Such a great time

I went out tonight for coffee with an old friend Carrie. It was so much fun! She's such a doll! We talked for hours, even after panera's was closed, and it only seemed like an hour maybe? We laughed the whole time and caught up on what's been going on in each other's life since we used to hang out when we were teens. We see each other at church every week, but it was so nice to just sit and chat. I was so blessed by her assessment of me, which I won't write the whole conversation, but just being told that I was full of life and such a positive happy person was like oh, thanks! Is that what you see? There's a song on KLove and one of the lines says "what if you could see yourself through other's eyes?" I have to say I love Jackie's blog entry where she says

quote "Nothing I write on here will be too important....opinionated, probably. Sorry--- no, no sorries. I am who I am- opinionated.I chose this blog background because it looks like I think a lot. I do...but not too deep. So, if you just want something to randomly read that could possibly make you think for a brief moment or maybe laugh before going back to do something of more interest- this is it.Enjoy.P.S.- I will not pretend to be some journalist writer....again...I am who I am....including my writing! " unquote

I love it, you said it! Just be yourself! Christ is our Redeemer and He knows our hearts and intentions and that's all that matters! I have so many friends on the computer on all my sites (I'm having a blast with facebook now too :) ) so many that don't go to my church that I maintain that contact with an soo many in church. I am blessed to have close friends and aquantinces. Thanks to all of you who have written and liked my blog, it's nice to know my thoughts and random ramblings are being read and appreciated! Thanks to my family and friends who love and accept me just as I am; Perfectly Imperfect! I love you all too for all you are and bring into my life and you are all wonderful and unique! I have many brothers and sisters! I am passionate about my beliefs and life and family and most importantly Christ! I can be shy and also outgoing and friendly at the same time. I am complex and simple. My soul must sing! I love my life!

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Julie said...

That's right, Baby! Just be yourself! No need for pretention -- I don't give a hoot about that stuff!
One of my favorite lines from a movie... Steel Magnolias -- Julia Roberts says, "Daddy always says,' an ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure!"

Merry Christmas,

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