Thursday, January 1, 2009

Just Am Ordinary Trip To Joann's

The coolest thing happened today! Well we all went shopping at a couple craft stores. At Michael's 2 people said we had a beautiful family. Then we got to Joann's and a woman there was quite taken with the kids. Colin said bless your new year or something like that and she was just amazed and so happy! THEN, we were there for awhile, I have to mention! and there was this woman working there and around the scrapping supplies. She would smile or wave when we walked by, nothing unusual. Well, I asked her a question after about a half hour there and she walks with me while she answers and then comments on what a lovely family we are. We both thank her and she walks away. Then she comes back and says, "I never do this, but I just want to thank you for being so kind and courteous to me". I said " you were the one who helped me in the middle of what you were doing and I appreciate it." She said " I am always ringing in the front, and interact with everyone who comes in the store and your family stands out to me. Thank you for the parents you are, you can tell the kind of people you both are and your children are blessed." Then she laughs and says, " I never talk to anyone personally like this!" I say " Are you a believer?" And she says "YES! I'm a Christian! Your family must be too!" Then all of a sudden we're hugging and laughing and talking about God and our churches and she says she's grateful to have met a sister today! How awesome is that? It just touched my heart, I'll tell ya! She was so sweet and kind, we left a note for the manager up front. Just another day, and a connection was made when not expected! And I got a whole lot of awesome supplies! :)

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