Monday, January 5, 2009

My Hero!

I'm so proud of my husband! He finally got baptised on Sunday and it was wonderful! Jason baptised him and he is an amazing guy! Colin has been saved for years, but we had not joined officially at OSBC until this past summer, even though we have been back since Mia was a couple months old. I grew up at OSBC and I LOVE it so much! We both are at home there and want our children to be raised up in that church and we want to be active involved members. I am so proud of Colin, he has always stood out at work and refusing to conform to what others acted or talked like. Instead he always chooses to walk away and keep his mouth and heart and ears pure as possible in construction! He brings his Bible to work and has shared the scriptures, or answered questions, or just listened, whatever need be. He loves to work at the church and getting to know John, Mike, Glen, Jason, or of course Pastor! He is kind and genuine hardworking, honest, reliable, slow to anger, has his opinions, but also is flexible and always willing to compromise and see another's side. He loves to pray with his children, and just the two of us. He is a good example for both a daughter and a son. He is sensitive, quick to cry when pouring out his heart to his family, loyal, patient, sweet, spontaneous, romantic, passionate, energetic, teasing, funny, loves to laugh, and play. He is devoted 100% to his family and friends. At holidays, he doesn't sit down, he chases the kids all around, watches them close, makes sure I have help in all circumstance and situation. He can get along with anyone, but if there is someone he just doesn't click with he is always polite, sticks out his hand for a firm handshake and still gives respect even when it is not returned. He gets quiet only around certain people, but he can't help it, if he's uncomfortable, he is just thoughtful and a bit pensive. He is sincere and productive. he loves to learn at school and always gets test scores in the 90's and has gotten several 100s. People always say to me he is a kind honest person, hardworking and that Christ's love is evident in him. It makes me proud! I just love to brag about him! I don't deserve such a treasure, but my heart sings out for joy and praise to the Creator who designed him for me!!!! When Jason asked if he had accepted and trusted The Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior, Colin replied "There is no other"! There were some hearty amens to that, and as I clicked some pictures and wiped away a tear, I thought "I'm so proud of you, Love, good answer!" :)

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Abbey Road said...

That is so sweet, I am so glad you have such a wonderful man! His answer made me tear up, thats a great answer.

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