Monday, January 26, 2009

My Birthday Princess

Well, I just want to say Happy Birthday to my little Girl! She is amazing and funny, and SUPER SMART, and strong willed and controlling, and a big help, and a dress up Diva, and comes out with these big words and sentences and conversations that kinda drop the jaw and a bookworm so much, and a Barbie fanatic, and a baker and chef in training, and an artist and a little me, and a sassy, classy mix of her daddy and me! Before she was 2 she knew colors, shapes, numbers, flashcards, and such. She excells and loves to learn. She is doing workbooks a couple times a week and is reading or spelling or sounding out some words. She's a smartie and really enjoys time spent asking questions and learning answers. She is going to be 4 tomorrow, and we are nostalgic, and sad and happy at the same time. We are having her birthday party on saturday and it is a princess party. All the kids ( and adults if they want) are coming dressed up. We are serving delicious treats, such as princess punch with blackberry jello hearts in it, and cookie lollies. Usually we order a cake according to the theme, this year, I have chosen to make it myself, I tossed around a million ideas, and Steve helped with phone calls and brainstorming and even offered to let me use all his cake stuff and teach me, but I came up with something simple and pretty. (He's a head chef and also loves planning and preparing food) I had lots of ideas, but narrowed it down and like what we are having, I already have next year's theme all picked out and will have a whole year to pull it together and such. This year, I know whatever we do will be appreciated by her and will be a wonderful time. So many people who asked what to get her were amazed at how content and happy she is with anything. She really likes so many things and is so easy to please by just the little things. We are packing up and sleeping over their Auntie Sheri and Uncle Steve's house, close family friends of ours on friday night and saturday the royal gala is going to take place and I have already decided I will lose my mind, but it's ok, it will all work out lol. I have some last minute details, and I think we can make this work, if the snow doesn't carry out and accumulate. I want it to be a simple, special sweet day for our little "princess". She is very excited! We are having a party tomorrow night, the 4 of us, and we will make her cake together and she can decorate it any way she wants!! Colin said he wants to bring home a strawberry drink she loves from starbucks and maybe flowers or something to make her day special. Aww. My mom and Papa are meeting us for breakfast in the morning. I am excited for her to wake up, but so sad she is 4 already, where has the time gone? I am blessed I have been here every day to watch her and make those memories I hold dear, and look forward to more memories yet to make.

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Liz said...

Mia, Happy 4th Birthday!!
Love Miss Liz

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