Friday, February 6, 2009

A Princess Party For A Four Year Old!!!!

~ Watching for her guests~ new dress from Mom and Dad
~ Barbie with cupcakes

Her throne and castle and table for presents

~ Princess cake!

Well Mia's princess party was a smashing hit! We had about 20 kids running around in dress up clothing, princesses, fairies and even a lion! It was sweet, we had little dessert treats instead of party food which everyone was impressed with. Daddy made cookie lollies, and we had truffles Auntie Sheri made, Miss Shelly brought fresh fruit, we had glittery cupcakes, pretty candy and glitter sparkle pretzel rods, peppermint patties my mom makes homemade, and other sweet treats. It was a beautiful snowy day and we stayed over our friend's house for the weekend, their home is another home for us, we stay over all the time. They have more room and space to work with and were all too happy to host the party. It was nice to have the help too. The night before we all decorated the cookies and cupcakes and cakes and such and decorated the house in the morning. Steve brought out his pastry bag and tips and totally jazzed up the simple cake I had designed. It was perfect. I went to Joann's with coupon in hand and an idea in my head. I searched thru remants and found a satiny silky red for 1/2 off and a spool of gold ribbon which I had a 40% off for. I made a throne for her to sit on and open her presents. All for under $8. It's the little details that pretty everything up and make a difference. She had a wonderful time and all the kids played well and the adults mingled. It was a great day!

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