Thursday, January 8, 2009

Valentine's Fun

My table where creativity takes form :)
Lovebird Valentine choc brown and cotton candy colors $4.99 free ship
I was at Barnes and Noble the other day and browsed through the clearence section. I tell you the best stuff happens there :) I found an oragami box set with little envelpoes, the booklet and 40 sheets of oragami paper. I originally bought it for the paper, but decided to try my hand at creating something. How hard can it be? After all it is supposed to be a hobby. Well I got it but it took at least a half hour! I made a love bird! I like how they come out and you can put them on a card and it sort of pops out at you. This is the first card I created with one sheet of oragami paper, two differant color pieces of cardstock, two buttons, one brad and one delicate prima flower from bucket of blooms. I would sell it for $4.99, and also lined the inside with scalloped pink paper so you can write. If you are interested in this card or any cards you see in any of my blogs, let me know I can get it to you or ship it to you free. If this card making adventure I am trying out works for awhile I would be pleased, if not, I have great cards to pass out and I always have scrapping to get done, and blogging of course too! I may even add another blog someday with my crations like Abbey did, but that's only if I feel I need more space for art. I just love love Valentines! What's not to love? I love to love and the love holiday is the best! I have some Strawberry Shortcake stuff for Mia, I am not sure yet what to get Eli, I just pick up little things from dollar central at Target or the dollar store and it's fun and exciting to wake up and have hearts and flower shaped stuff all day and get surprises along the way. I used to go to Colin's work, I actually did it about 3 years for my best friend too, and put Valentines conversation hearts all over and inside his car and also inside his lunchbox along with envelopes not to open until certain times throughout the day, just to embarass himn in front of all the guys! J/K! It's such a fun holiday to bake for and make pretty cards and pictures for. I have a cute idea for an owl Valentine too, so keep reading and stay tuned! I want to write on them "Owl always Love You". Owls are so much fun to make and come out so cute with mix match patterns. I always thought owls were cute but really started liking them this summer when I got my daughter 2 cute owl tees. I also love the Valentine's episode of Jon and Kate, if you haven't seen it, I'm sure it will be on again soon, I have seen every episode and rerun too many times and am still so addicted!


Julie said...

Oh! These are just precious!
Origami? You go girl!!! I am too impressed! That's SO cool!!!

mpagedc said...

Way to go with the origami! That can be tough when you don't have someone personally demonstrating the folds. I'll have to show you some of the things Jared has made next time we get together. Very cool stuff! By the way, thanks so much for making the beautiful birthday card for me! Your skills and creativity are inspiring!

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