Friday, May 1, 2009

Ten Reasons...

I just got this in an email newsletter from The Old Schoolhouse magazine and I thought I'd share with my fellow homeschooling sisters!! Read until the end for a brief message from me...

1)God called us to homeschool our children, and He'll provide the strength we need.
2)The curriculum in public schools is not from a Christian worldview.
3)I don't want my children exposed to sin, bullying, popularity contests, and other fun "socialization" on a daily basis.
4)Homeschooling lets my children be who they are and grow strong in their beliefs before entering the hostile environment of "the world."
5)Homeschooling allows my children to learn their difficult subjects in an environment free from ridicule.
6)Homeschooling allows my children to wiggle, take a break, or change subjects whenever they need to restore their focus.
7)Homeschooling saves me time and money, not having to participate in all the public school fund-raisers and activities.
8)Homeschooling builds family unity, family culture, and family memories.
9)Public school children keep telling my kids that they wish they were homeschooled ... so why would we send ours to public school?
10)Homeschooling teaches my children to love and serve others as they work together each day and learn to get along with each other

These are someone else reasons, but I thought they were pretty good. I can agree and add my own also. Like with anything, there are pros and cons to both schooling and homeschooling. It's a family decision and God may ask you to send your little lights to school. Everything is part of His plan. My nieces are not homeschooled and they are kind to their friends and good examples and good students. They love school and sharing God's love when appropriate. You never know who God can and will use. Be open to anything and pray pray pray. I believe every decision should only advance into action after prayer. He will light the way and guide your heart.

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