Thursday, April 30, 2009

1083 Crosses & A Church Called Home

Mia (4) Dominique (8) They are peanut butter and jelly those two! What a sweet girl with a heart of compassion, loves her Lord and prays with earnest, Polite and respectful and kind, she is a sweet wonderful friend and influence! Mia adores her and it is fully returned! She's so blessed to have friends of differant ages!
Elijah (6) and Elijah (1 1/2) Two buddies! They pal around together and like so many of the same things, and get along well but Elijah has a soft spot for Mia and says he likes her, calling her name and following her around and gently teasing her! He reads to her and shares all his toys!

I'm so proud of our youth and preteens. We have such an amazing group of dedicated young people in our church with such kind willing hearts to serve Him and live for Him. Last weekend, the senior high group took part in the 30 hour famine, staying together to pray and fast and grow in His faith and knowledge. They raised (not sure of the exact amount) money to contribute to an effort to end hunger for young children around the world. They are a remarkable people. During this fast, they painted 1083 crosses. The number 1083 represents how many children die every hour all over the world due to poverty or poverty related illnesses. They went around the parking lot during sunday school and church and put 1 cross on every single car til they were all gone. Then at the altar call, they all went forward as a collective group with Brother Woodward leading them and bowed down and prayed for every single car and the family inside it. When I saw that cross and held it in my hands and saw the note they left us I cried. How absolutely amazing!

From the nursery to the college and career and beyond, we have such dedicated servants devoting time, and sacrificing much to give to [our home], our church. Our programs reach out in the community in unique ways. We are Bibically sound and doctrinaly based with traditional values and a reverant respect for the Lord, His Living Word and His will. Unashamedly Pastor Emerson preaches the Truth and guides his flock and our church raises up leaders, missionaries, workers, pastors, servants, teachers; in many ways His love and peace and salvation is carried on from generation to generation and beyond. We have baptisms every month. Last month alone, Brother Berubie baptised 9! Truly the Spirit lives and moves among us! Feeling His presence every week while we sing with open hearts toward our Creator, and hearing not Pastor's words, but His, we are blessed tremendously and thirsty for more! Pastor will receive next month an award, the only one ever given of this kind for being an upright man of God. There will be an award ceremony at BBC to honor this man who has given his life for His Father and His Father's calling, which is his ministry. Other than our own home, in our church with our family we feel home, and hope to be used for whatever He may need in the coming years as our children and we grow as individuals and as a family. Our church is warm, for a church this size we know each other by name and we are a community. Anyone is welcome to come as you are and will be received with love and generosity. For more information on our church please visit If not this church, find one you can call home, one you are happy in, feel called to, and give your heart and life to your Heavenly Father who awaits you! There are many good churches out there, if you are searching, you will find what you are looking for and you will be fulfilled! Peace be with you, and many blessings on your life!

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