Thursday, June 11, 2009

Latest Projects........Picture Loaded!



The other keys look great on the lamp in my room

The color of the taffeta ribbon match my room well

Love these vases, and such a sweet steal at $0.88 each!

B is for our last name!

Okay, I have been busy lately with some redoing of old things and giving some new found treasures a new look. Here's that "B" I got for our last name. The kids did a painting project while I did my painting project,; the B took forever because I had to use Mia's tiny paintbrush, and I did a few coats. All in all, it cost about $6, and took an hour or so. I did a pumpkin on the front, and a plum inside and around the edges. I like the colors together because it's not a combo I would usually have done, but I was going for something new and differant. You like? Itook everything down off my walls in most of my house and I'm starting over. The "B" is currently in the living room next to my big black screen with family pictures. These nautical shells are what the kids painted; they were left over from my dinner I made. They loved it, it was inexpensive and they're adorable!

I had my eye on those lil black vases for a few weeks, they were only $2.50 each, but being thrifty, I waited and watched and they went on clearance and I got them for $0.88 each!!!! The keys I had my eye on for awhile at Joann's. They were originally $19.99, but were 1/2 off, and I had $5 cash stashed in my wallet so I used that towards it. I bought some plate hangers for the kitchen, I'll show you that when I figure out what the heck I'm doing. I can't wait for my Party I am having in July; . They have amazing things for any taste or style. I already know what I want, yipeee! Anyway, I just flew so far off subject here. The keys were on a big fat ring my husband cut and took off for me. I took a beautiful old frame, took the glass out, added a scrap paper page, and hot glued those beauties on! I used the remaining 2 keys and tied taffeta around them and put them on a lamp in my bedroom. So pretty! I got both key ideas from She is so awesome! I love to get inspiration from her and personalize it to my style. I love blog land and how one page links to the next, there are so many crafty craetive chicks out there! Here's some pics of our projects! My daughter is so excited Mommy blogged her art! :)


Janice said...

Hi Honey, Finally getting a chance to check out your blog and love your projects! The nautical shell painting idea was so original and pretty! Can't wait to come over and check out all the changes!
Mom xo

Keri said...

Love the keys in the frame! I have the paper you used as a background. I have a fascination with skeleton keys as well. Josh found an antique skeleton key lot on ebay and won them. Then he tied one to each of my Christmas presents! I haven't found anything clever to do with them yet. Still waiting to be inspired!

Love reading your blog!

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