Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3rd Annual Sister's Christmas Coffee

This came out great with a little editing :)
Pretty storefront display

We were frigid!

Love the old homes they are so beautifully historic

I love nativity scenes, another store display

On a deacon's bench

On a deacon's bench

I love how the place is closed & she's deciding what to order

Sooo pretty

I loved this store display

Whatcha readin'?

Lovin this huge ball!

What time is it?

I requested an orchid headband...I lova this!!!

She surprised me with this homemade headband

Who doesn't love to get gifts? I got her a couple books by a Christian author we discovered because I read one her books about sisters & passed it to her & we both loved her style of writing, Andes cookies to have while she reads her new books & a mint lipgloss she loves that I buy her every year! She gave me pj'sI couldn't wait to get home & cozy it up in, 2 homemade headbands & a little Yankee with a tin lid. Okay have I ever happened to mention that I love Yankee Candle? yes. i. do!

Cheryl with her peppermint hot choc

"My sister & I would just stare up at the sky & wonder, trying to see where the snowflakes were coming from"

Tonight was our 3rd annual sister's Christmas coffee where we meet at a coffeehouse, chat, exchange gifts, take pics & just catch up over hot cups of something yummy & usually chocolate :) Tonight we met at Starbucks & I had the salted caramel hot chocolate. Uh yeah. Pause here for a respective moment of silence. Yeah, that definately has to happen again this season! It. was. delicious. so delicious! When they closed, we walked up & down Main Street & took pics & laughed & talked some more & took more pics. It was so brilliant with all the lights & Christmas decorations. It sure was fahhhreeeeezzzing!!!!!!!! I just love family traditions & I sure so love my sister~ boy are we night & day but we've come a long way & I'm so grateful for the relationship we have :) Until next year....


Janice said...

Diane... your post brought tears to my eyes. Looks like you had a great time. Sisters are such a blessing to have and hold onto! What beautiful pictures honey... so glad you have this tradition together. Treasure those memories! xo

rhodygirl78 said...

It truly was a perfect night and when I think of it, I smile!!! Can't wait till next years adventures! Love you much xo

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