Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cute Way To Reuse & Reduce!!!

Well I have been consciously trying for quite some time to make small changes in our home to reduce waste &save money. With a large family, I find I have to constantly find better cost efficient ways to feed, clothe & care for my family. Swapped cloth napkins for paper, cut down on paper plate use, recycled all my plastic stuff & swapped it for glass or another safe product. I use facecloths to wipe up the kids' faces & hands that are not old enough to go in the bathroom & do so themselves. Little things here & there. Here's my new thing I'm lovin'! Reusable sandwich & snack bags! What an awesome idea that seems to be catching on; I saw some at a few stores around my area lately. I actually bought the fairy one from a local store that was made by a mom in my area but proven safe. The others were bought on & Amazon. I reccomend both brands! We love them all & they are super easy to clean & wicked cute to use! I even got a cute argyle one for my hubby! :) Try them out, build up your collection & save a lot of plastic & money!!!!!! * By the way they are all safe :)

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Janice said...

I love how conscious you are and are doing your part to care for our enviornment! I haven't used paper plates for some time but love having them on hand in the summertime. You are so right to use cloth napkins instead of paper and actually dad prefers them to paper too....thanks for posting all your good ideas!
Love you <3

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