Monday, January 16, 2012

Homemade Laundry Soap

I have been making my own laundry soap for probably about 3 years now. I follow the Duggar recipe. While on Pinterest one night I found a new recipe that looked great, supposedly smelled great, was super easy & reasonable! I always made a liquid laundry soap but this one was powder & I thought it was worth a try. So I pinned it & headed to a few stores to gather the supplies needed! First of all, I love, love Pinterest so I will be posting about it again, as I make some recipes & crafts & other awesome ideas I get from their site. Second, I love chalkboard paint; I am walking around the house with the "look" in my eye. You know the look, where nothing is exempt of the creative juices flowing, in this case, being chalked :) So I jazzed up the glass jar & I lurve the way it came out :) Yeah, I am loving pinning & playing! This is the original source. We love it! It smells fabulous I'll tell you! We estimate it should last about 8 months & it cost around $22! I had some ingredients on hand from the liquid gel laundry soap we make & I picked up this great glass jar for $10; it's the perfect size, & a 3 pack of scoops; the medium size does nicely. It cost a little extra because of the jar & scoops I bought to get started. Looks awesome & smells about the same! Why not give it a try? You can use any soap you want & may also add essential oil. It will save you so much money & you will know exactly what is in & on your clothes & it works great for sensitive skin! Try it & let me know what you think! :)

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