Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Pinktastic Pinkalicious Party!

My daughter loves the Pinkalicious book series, she loves tutus, wands, & of course PINK! I was so very excited to do a Pinkalicious party for her! I got many ideas from here. I love everything she did! I decided to go into the cupcake thing too since Pinkalicious turns pink from eating too many pink cupcakes! Also Mia is a little baker & loves cupcakes. She plays Cupcake Wars with her brother all the time :) So I got cupcake & pink stuff & made the decorations myself! I made the cupcakes & frosting because I wanted to use natural colors for the pink. I think it all came out awesome :) I loved having little giggling sweet girls all dressed in pink running around with wands & candy! We had a sign to have your picture taken with a pink wig in front of a Pinkalicious poster! Even all the moms did it too! They had a big art table with hundreds of pink accessories to create whatever they wanted! Everyone made the birthday girl something sparkly & pretty! 2 of her older friends & then the birthday girl herself all read a Pinkalicious book. Of course they got to decorate cupcakes too :) She got wonderful presents too! What a great time, everyone stayed late & sipped pomagranate soda, had Boursin & crackers & chatted & played! Here are a few of the over 100 pics taken :)

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Karen said...

How cute!! My daughter always loved pink. Actually she still does :) It looks like your daughter had a wonderful party. ~Karen

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