Monday, September 22, 2008

So Today

We picked wildflowers in the fields at the orchard
Today was another wonderful day home with the children. I love to be home with them and am so content and fullfilled I have been so blessed! I woke up to a beautiful note from Hubby/Daddy for all of us to read on the kitchen table. Mia loves her new chore chart, and if I thought she loved helping me before, she loves to read off her list ( feed Paisley, feed Lola, put silverware away from dishwasher, make bed...etc). She loves to check off that box and help me with everything. She did so well with her workbooks today, she said grace this morning at breakfast and thanked God for the wonderful day and her family and school work! Too smart she is! We baked a peach and blueberry pie this afternoon. We went saturday afternooon to the orchard to pick peaches, plums and apples. I am excited to do more baking and put it in the freezer, we bake alot for the holidays, but we do give alot away. I love the weekends, they are always filled with precious memories of priceless family time and there's no where else we'd rather be! Of course, we took lots of pictures to capture the moments! :) Colin did Mia's books with her sunday afternoon, and was amazed! Today she said B-O-O-K, book! I said wow! :) We had a lovely visit with friends of ours saturday night who are quickly becoming like family! Sunday is church day and we love it! So begins another week, but instead of dreading and hating those mondays, or any other day, I thank God every day; for another day in paradise!

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Liz said...

hey, so glad you are going to SS now and meeting other couples your age and that have kids. It's good to grow older having that in your life. Friends help us through the good and bad times in our lives.
See ya around!c1969

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